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Serious Mass is a substantial weight-management supplement that can be used to feed serious calorie needs in a variety of different ways. Between Meals: Drink 1/2-1 serving of Serious Mass between meals to maintain and support muscle growth as well as contributing to a high-calorie diet.


SERIOUS MASS. ON’s Serious Mass is the ULTIMATE weight gain formula. If you find it difficult to gain weight, Serious Mass will help you develop the physique you’ve always wanted! What Does It Do? Each delicious shake delivers an incredible 1,250 calories, but no added sugar. This includes 50 g of blended protein to support muscle growth and

Serious Mass is a substantial weight-gain supplement that can be used to feed serious calorie needs in a variety of different ways. Between Meals: Drink 1/2-1 serving of Serious Mass between meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance and support a high-calorie diet.


10.07.2011 · So train harder, train more, and if you’re still getting fatter, ease off on the Serious Mass a little because it means you’re still getting a lot, that’ll limit your muscle growth, but it’ll also help you control your body-fat more.

09.06.2014 · serious mass will make you like a balloon if you don’t workout , and gaining weight in certain place in your body that’s not gonna happen you can’t tell your body to loose or gain fat in this particular area unless you are working on it hard , try other gainer i use BSN true mass and down in my signature you will see a link to a log and review of it

02.03.2016 · Serious Mass Ingredients. Optimum Nutrition claims that Serious Mass is a powder designed to be mixed with water to make a nutritional shake. The product contains 1,250 calories per serving which is the equivalent of three hamburgers with fries.


Serious Mass contains a load of protein (50 grams) from 3 sources, which is fairly impressive. Also, it contains a moderate amount of fat (4.5 grams) mostly from medium chain triglycerides. Furthermore, it contains a ton of carbohydrates (mostly derived from maltodextrin – a sweet polysaccharide that is a relatively cheap alternative).

Serious Mass is the ultimate in weight gain formulas. With 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein for muscle recovery support, this instantized powder makes the ideal post-workout and between meals shake for sizing up your goals. Serious Mass provides you with the tools you need to pack on the pounds and help you develop the

Serious Mass delivers 50 grams of protein, 524 grams of carbs, four grams of fat and 1,250 calories per serving. One serving consists of two scoops. This formula also contains creatine monohydrate, glutamine, choline, potassium, zinc, magnesium and other micronutrients that

well it’s totally on you how much punctual you are with your diet and your diet time even i have used it ,my weight was 47 i was thin as stick i was too skinny then i started hitting gym and taking the on serious mass with whey protein too here’s

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28.08.2011 · You could consider using Serious Mass if it helps you meet your macros (amount of protein, sugar, fat that you should take in per day). That said, most of the calories in Serious Mass are from maltodextrin. There’s nothing wrong with maltodextrin in and of itself, but it basically converts straight to dextrose (aka glucose) when it hits your

If you’re just starting to take Serious Mass, you should only take 1/2 a serving each day for the first week. Each scoop of Serious Mass should be mixed in a blender with 12 oz. of water or milk. If you want to gain muscle instead of fat, you’ll need to follow an intense workout program while using Serious Mass. Is Serious Mass Safe?

In this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review, we’ll talk about a product designed to help you pack a lot of extra pounds so that you can later turn them into muscle! Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, when combined with weight training and similar intense physical exercise – is one of the best supplements to build the perfect physique.

24.08.2018 · Hi babes ! As per your request from my Twitter, here is the supplement review. The rest will be up on my channel soon. Where I got it in Nairobi ; @painandga

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05.05.2014 · Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition is a hardcore size & weight gainer with over 1250 calories per serving. Read this Serious Mass review to learn more.


NEU: Serious Mass Low-Fat Protein mit Kohlenhydraten und Creatin – jetzt auch als 2700g Dose bei Sportnahrung-Engel! Sportnahrung-Engel sponsert ab sofort Bodybuilding-Athletin Barbara Petridou – neu im Team Sportnahrung-Engel mit Trainingsplan!

Following are some serious mass gainer side effects. Fat Gain. One of the most common serious mass side effects includes fat gain. Do you know why? The normal calorie intake of a person in a day is 2,000. The optimum nutrition serious mass gainer protein powder offers 1,250 calories per serving. And, around 3,500 calories is equal to one pound.

Though weight loss is a goal for many people, others hope to gain weight, often to look and feel more muscular or to improve athletic performance. Here are the 10 best weight and mass gainer

03.08.2016 · Serious Mass Pros: When you purchase Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass you really don’t have to purchase a multi-vitamin. Another benefit is that you will have no problem getting in your

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Weight gain is an increase in body weight.This can involve an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits, excess fluids such as water or other factors. Weight gain can be a symptom of a serious medical condition. External links. Media related to Human weight gain at Wikimedia Commons

To build muscle, the best bet would be the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass protein powder mass gainer.Serious Mass is best for men wanting to pack a lot of muscular punch. The muscle building supplement makes an excellent treat for the in-between-mealtimes and after one’s body-building workout.

Serious Mass enthält eine Kombination aus Eiweiss und Kohlenhydraten. Eine Portion Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass enthält 1.250 Kalorien, 50g hochwertiges Protein aus den beliebten Proteinquellen wie Whey Protein, Casein und Eiprotein, sowie ganzen 250g hochwertige Kohlenhydrate ohne Haushaltszuckerzusatz, 25 Vitamine & Mineralstoffe

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Serious weight gain requires serious calories. However, those who need the extra calories most often have the toughest time consuming enough of them. For many aspiring to be bigger, a highly-active metabolism, weaker appetite and on-the-run lifestyle can make it a real challenge to consume enough calories through whole foods alone. With Serious Mass™ – Vanilla, you’ve got


#you can find Serious Mass Belly Fat is actually the most popular commodities brought out this few days. Since telling it is unparelled conception, improved

Mass Gainer Macronutrients. They vary in precise ingredients but it’s typically a big ol’ bag of powder that’s high in protein, higher in carbohydrates, and lower in fat.Calories per serving

How to use Mass Gainer for Best Results; When to take Mass Gainer for Perfect Results? Some Tips and Techniques. It would be good if you can maintain a proper timeframe for taking in the supplement. Eat something every 3 – 4 hours. Start prioritizing sleep. Love your workout sessions and do it passionately. Keep a track of changes.


Supercharge Your Serious Mass Using an electric blender, you can add nuts, fresh or frozen fruits and other calorie-contributing ingredient to enhance the weight gain and muscle recovery potential of Serious Mass. With less than 5 grams of fat per serving, Serious Mass is the weight gain formula packed with calories that count during recovery.


Nährwertangaben und Nährwertinformationen zu Optimum Nutrition – Serious Mass (With Low Fat Milk). Finde Kalorienanzahl, Kohlenhydratgehalt und weitere Nährwertinformationen für Optimum Nutrition – Serious Mass (With Low Fat Milk) und mehr als 2 Mio. weitere Nahrungsmittel auf

However, assuming that you do want to try a weight gainer, and understand how to use it properly, then I would recommend going with Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition. It is low in sugar, low in fat, and doesn’t try to claim that it’s something that it’s not (read: muscle gains in a bottle).

There are 1250 calories in a 2 scoops serving of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Get full nutrition facts for other Optimum Nutrition products and all your other favorite brands.

by Serious Mass Belly Fat Serious Mass Belly Fat Serious Mass Belly Fat. 214 Serious Mass Belly Fat. 5 out of 5 (17415 customer reviews) Eating a filling breakfast lessens the chances of bingeing on junk later in the day, says Zuckerbrot. “Pair lean proteins with high fiber, complex carbs—think a veggie omelet with a slice of whole-wheat toast or Greek yogurt with fruit and a tablespoon of

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass – SERIOUS MASS – Adding Calories Has Never Been This Easy or Tasted So Good – 1,250 CALORIES – 50 g of BLENDED PROTEIN – Over 250 g of Carbohydrates with NO ADDED SUGAR – Creatine, Glutamine, and Glutamic Acid – 25 Vitamins and Essential Minerals The Bigger Picture of Weight Gainers Serious weight gain requires serious calories.

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In the month without Serious Mass I did notice some changes within my body. I was feeling more tired at the gym compared to my first month. So when I started taking Serious Mass again in the third month I was very happy to feel how strong I felt again. After looking at my Serious Mass before and after shots, I am very satisfied with the results

2. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Check price at Amazon. The incredibly popular Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass does a fantastic job of not neglecting micronutrients. Too often, mass gainers get caught up in “macro,” trying to ensure the carb, fat, and protein ratios are right, but forget that your body needs vitamins and minerals too. Not

Mass JYM is a unique mass gainer that has excellent reviews. It provides a balanced dietary profile, with less carbohydrates than average, and more fat. One big benefit of this product is that it does not use proprietary blends, so you can see each specific ingredient that’s included and the specific amount of that ingredient. It also uses a

Side Effects seen from using Serious Mass Supplements November 12, 2012 If you are a bodybuilder or weight lifter then you will already be aware of optimum nutrition serious mass, it s a supplement which is high in protein, used with the aim of increasing lean muscle mass and weight.

However, assuming that you do want to try a weight gainer, and understand how to use it properly, then I would recommend going with Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition. It is low in sugar, low in fat, and doesn’t try to claim that it’s something that it’s not (read: muscle gains in a bottle).

Mass gaining supplements are very popular with bodybuilders because they offer maximal recovery from intense workouts, and help provide enough calories to gain muscle. Common protein sources include whey, casein, soy and/or plant based proteins. There are no “standard” fat sources per say, but many companies prefer flax. The carbohydrates almost always come from either

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