eu fp7 – 7. Forschungsrahmenprogramm der EU FP7 (2007

The FP7 has been archived and you can visit it at the „EU web archive“. For up-to-date information on the current research and innovation framework programme visit Horizon 2020 or for its successor beginning in 2021, Horizon Europe .

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FP7 is the natural successor to the previous programme, FP6. It is the result of years of consultation with the research community from both the public and private sectors, with economic actors, and with political decision makers in Europe. FP7 is both larger and more comprehensive than its predecessors. It is also more flexible, with simplified procedures.

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This document is a simple guide on how to get involved in the 7th Framework Programme for EU research (FP7), which is the European Union’s main instrument for funding research in Europe. The guide will tell you which areas and activities the EU plans to fund under the programme, and where to go if you want to apply for that funding.

Grundlagen. Die Europäische Union bündelt ihre Programme der Forschung, technologischen Entwicklung und Demonstration traditionell in zeitlich befristeten Forschungsrahmenprogrammen. Das Verfahren, nach dem die Mitgliedstaaten ein Forschungsrahmenprogramm beschließen, ist im Vertrag über die Arbeitsweise der Europäischen Union (AEUV) geregelt (Art 182 AEUV).

Magazin Research*eu lesen Ein Wissensnetzwerk für mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des europäischen Obstsektors Durch ein partizipatives Konzept, das auf einer Vielzahl von Akteuren basiert, unterstützt ein EU-finanziertes Projekt den europäischen Obstsektor dabei, sein Wettbewerbs- und Innovationspotenzial zu verwirklichen.

CORDIS provides information on all EU-supported R&D activities, including programs (H2020, FP7 and older), projects, results, publications. Click for more.

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2007 to be used in research projects funded under the 7th Framework Programmes (EU and Euratom Treaties). This model grant agreement is applicable to indirect actions under the ‚Cooperation‘, ‚Capacities‘ and ‚Nuclear Research‘ (fission) Specific Programmes of FP7 (EU and Euratom Treaties). It consists of a core text and several annexes. There

All beneficiaries exceeding 375,000 EUR EU contribution – cumulative in periods All beneficiaries exceeding 325,000 EUR EU contribution – only one at the end of the project Interest on pre-financing

CORDIS provides information on all EU-supported R&D activities, including programs (H2020, FP7 and older), projects, results, publications. Click for more.

The Funding and Tenders Portal is the single entry point (the Single Electronic Data Interchange Area) for applicants, contractors and experts in funding programmes and procurements managed by

This is the main instrument for funding research in the EU at the European level, covering the period 2014-2020. The budget for seven years is €70.2 billions. Horizon 2020 and FP7 support research in selected priority sectors, with the objective of a maintenance from the EU

For ERC projects under FP7, it is not acceptable to selectively provide open access. Open access should be ensured (and ERC should be acknowledged) in all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to the ERC project results.

FP6 and FP7. Framework Programme 6 and 7 (2002–2013) projects were generally funded through instruments, the most important of which included: Integrating Project (IP) Medium- to large-sized collaborative research projects funded in FP6 and FP7.

Europäische Kommission präsentiert den „Green Deal“ Am 11. Dezember 2019 stellte die Europäische Kommission ihren „Green Deal“ vor, ein Maßnahmenpaket, das Europa bis zum Jahr 2050 zum ersten klimaneutralen Kontinent machen soll.Den Herausforderungen des Klimawandels soll mit einem Programm begegnet werden, das gleichzeitig wirtschaftliches Wachstum fördert, etwa mit

Bereich Forschung zugunsten von KMU. Das Programm »Kapazitäten«, mit einem Budget von 4.097 Mio. Euro, deckt unterschiedliche Bereiche zur Stärkung der europäischen Forschungs- und Innovationskapazität ab. Der Bereich »Forschung zugunsten von KMU« richtet sich gezielt an europäische klein- und mittelständische Unternehmen mit dem Ziel deren Innovationskraft zu fördern.

The primary information source for EU-funded projects since 1990: The Projects & Results Service is your one stop for information on EU-funded research projects and project results

EU BON comes to a formal end, but continues to live through its results Coming to an end, after 4.5 years of hard work and dedicated research, the FP7-funded project EU BON leaves behind a basket of results to support the Group of Earth Observations (GEO) and assist researchers in their future studies.

eu fp7 Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) With its specific programmes in the categories “Cooperation”, “Capacities”, “People” and “Ideas”, the EU’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7) was the most important instrument of European research funding from 2007 to 2013.

This dataset contains projects funded by the European Union under the seventh framework programme for research and technological development (FP7) from 2007 to 2013. The file ‚FP7 Projects‘ contains the public grant information for each project, including the following information: Record Control Number (RCN), project ID (grant agreement number), project acronym, project status, funding

With the Sixth (FP6 2002-2006) and the Seventh (FP7 2007-2013) Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the European Commission clearly identified areas of fundamental interest for GALILEO user recognition and market penetration, and brought major research-related EU initiatives together under a single comprehensive plan.

The EmerGent project. The overall objective of EmerGent is to understand the positive and negative impact of social media in emergencies in order to: enhance the safety and security of citizens before, during and after emergencies, strengthen the role of European companies supplying services and products related to EmerGent’s results.

Use the FP7 together with an Eco-Power Meter to monitor the energy consumption of each floor in a building. Ability to visualize and monitor the energy consumption (lighting, air conditioning, etc.) of each floor. Only one CPU necessary thanks to the FP7’s big program capacity and the LAN port available; Measurement data can be stored on SD card

SUN was launched on 1 October 2013 and continued for 42 months, bringing together 35 partners from 12 EU countries. With a total budget of about 14 million EUR, SUN is among the highest funded projects of the EU FP7 research programme.

Das offene Datenportal der Europäischen Union bietet über einen Metadatenkatalog einen öffentlichen zentralen Zugangspunkt zu weiterverwendbaren Daten der Institutionen, Einrichtungen und sonstigen Stellen der EU.

The NANoREG project has ended on 28 February 2017, thus this webpage will not be updated any more. All results of the project, like experimental data, deliverables, SOPs etc, will be publicly available.

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